Oil Workers Overflowing RV Parks in Kansas

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McPherson, Kan., is experiencing an influx of contract workers. According to a report by the McPherson Sentinel, those contract workers are using recreational vehicles as housing.

As a result, there has been an RV overcrowding problem in McPherson mobile home and RV parks.

The overcrowding has lead to complaints and city zoning ordinance violations. Some of these problems have included insufficient utilities for RVs, spacing issues and incorrect usage and sharing of sewer and electric facilities.

The city of McPherson and the park owners are in negotiations on how to alleviate problems as result of this influx.

McPherson Code Enforcement Official Edye Leslie said the situation was brought to the city’s attention when park residents began lodging complaints.

“Upon followup, we realized there was a problem,” Leslie said. “We approached all of the park owners and asked if they were willing to come on board and offer more temporary housing spaces.”

Leslie said such RV spaces are often used by out-of-area workers contracted by McPherson area industries.

“Some stay three or four months, some even up to a year,” Leslie said.

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