Pets are Perfect Companions For Camping

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Unlike vacation holiday air travelers, recreational vehicle owners are not limited to two pieces of luggage. They can conveniently take along just about anything they want on their trips — including their pets.

Farm Forum reported that according to numbers from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), more than half of RV owners — about 4.8 million — travel with at least one pet companion and, in fact, many take to the highway with two or more pet partners.

Full-time RVers Amy and Rob Burkert are doing just that. For almost four years the Burkerts have crisscrossed North America, covering more than 50,000 miles in their 2010 24-foot Winnebago View Class C motorhome. The two 40-somethng CPAs sold their Philadelphia house in 2009 to travel the country with Ty, their 9-year-old Shar-pei, and Buster, a 6-year-old German Shepherd.

Technology has allowed them to explore America’s backroads while continuing their consulting business and running the award-winning pet travel website Go Pet Friendly ( The site is an encyclopedia of travel advice and pet-friendly destination guides.

“It makes planning a trip with furry loved ones easy,” said Amy Burkert, “and vacationing with your entire `pack’ exciting and fun.”

The holiday season is no exception. “This is a fantastic time of the year,” said Burkert, “and with a bit of planning, taking your pets along for the family gatherings makes the experience even more enjoyable.”

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