Winter Camp Hard on N.D. Transient Workers

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Bitter wind chills, frozen water lines and icy drafts are just some of the problems facing those who choose to brave a North Dakota winter in campers, fifth wheels and motorhomes, the Minot Daily News reported.

Many of the “camping” residents arrived from warmer climates in search of work, then were brutally slapped in the face by the cold hand of winter. For many, the cold is simply too much to bear.

“We’ve lost some just the last few days,” said Debbie Deseth, manager of Swenson RV Park in Minot. “They decided to leave. It’s just too cold.”

Calling a camper home during a North Dakota winter can be difficult.

Deseth said Swenson RV Park had 183 lots rented on Labor Day. The latest count showed fewer than 60. Nevertheless, the number represents a hardy bunch of brave souls determined to live out the winter in a camping unit considered by many to be much more suited to a summer at the lake than a North Dakota winter.

“People with older campers aren’t faring quite as well,” said Deseth. “There’s a little bit of freezing water lines, wind blowing through campers but, all in all, I think everybody’s making it.”

Many camper residents have come to North Dakota in search of work, then find themselves ill-prepared for sub-zero temperatures and deadly wind chills.

“They take a chance on coming. Everybody’s got a story,” remarked Deseth. “Some have homes where they came from. Other people didn’t have anything and just took a gamble on coming here. One guy said he wanted to stay as long as he could for 300 bucks while looking for work.”

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