Reservation System Angers Campers

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Each winter and spring, the Gulf State Park campgrounds in Alabama are home for several hundred snowbirds, but some of those winter residents are hopping mad about changes being made to the way reservations in the park are handled. At a town hall-style meeting in the park’s activities building Thursday night (Jan. 30), the 225 chairs set out weren’t nearly enough to hold all those who came to discuss the issue, leaving dozens of people standing along the walls, the Alabama Media Group... Read more

Ill. Buys, Shutters Private Campground

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A former private campground near Utica, Ill., in the north-central part of the state, has been purchased by the Illinios Department of Natural Resources and will no longer be used as a campground, The Times of Ottawa reported The DNR bought the former White Oak Campground property north of Grand Bear Lodge in Utica and has transferred the 51 acres as a land and water reserve addition to Starved Rock State Park. It is not currently open to the public and will not become a state campground, according... Read more

Owner Upset About Campground Delay

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After more than two years, there is still no movement on a proposed campground site in the town of Portland, N.Y., The Observer of Dunkirk, N.Y., reported. At a special meeting Thursday (Jan. 30) resident Jerry Speelberg asked the town board to meet with him to discuss his proposed 70-acre campground. Speelberg has said the town’s planning board has put up obstacles to prevent him from completing the project. Among the list of requirements needed were photographs every 20 feet due to the creek,... Read more

Writer Opposes Private Del. RV Parks

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A letter published in the Cape Gazette of Lewes, Del., bore strong opposition to plans for developing private RV parks, instead claiming state sites should meets the needs of tourists to the Delaware Cape region. The writer said, in part: In 2013, Long Neck Road residents had an unpleasant realization with the rezoning of 160 manufactured home sites to 320 RV sites at Rehoboth Shores Manufactured Home Park. Next came the proposal to rezone a large parcel of land at the end of Long Neck Road to an... Read more

Sewage Stench Drives Campers Away

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Sue Lang started off a city council meeting in Seward, Alaska, Monday (Jan. 27) by relating a recent encounter she had with some squatters at a Lowell Point campground she manages, the Seward Phoenix Log reported. The trespassers commented that they’d spend more time and enjoy themselves more but for the smell from the city’s Lowell Point sewage and wastewaster lagoon. Lang used this tale to preface her insistence that the city take action before her paying customers start showing up... Read more

RVIA Able to Exempt RVs from N.J. Bill

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The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) was successful in exempting RVs from a New Jersey bill titled the “Motor Vehicle Owners Right to Repair Act” that was patterned after similar legislation passed in Massachusetts last year. According to a press release, the bill, now moving through legislative process, requires motor vehicle manufacturers to provide motor vehicle owners and independent repair shops with access to the same repair information and tools given to automotive dealer... Read more

Arizona Parks Are Not Funded by State

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Bryan Martyn is fond of telling people his own mantra as the executive director of Arizona State Parks. “No child left inside. I’m convinced a kid’s best memory won’t be from their best day of playing video games. It would be from a day at one of our parks,” Martyn said during a recent visit to McFarland State Park in Florence. He added, “I tell people I have the best job in Arizona. I enjoy telling people about the great things our parks are doing.” According to a report in the... Read more

Pa. Court Ruling Backs Park Model Use

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied Dingman Township’s request for appeal regarding a provision in the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance after losing to Lake Adventure in the lower court earlier in 2013. According to a press release, the provision in question amended the definition of a recreational vehicle to one “that does not require a special highway moving permit when transported…” and “a vehicular unit, mounted on wheels, of such size or weight as not to require special... Read more

LVM Resort Hosting ACA Western Rally

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Las Vegas-based LVM Resort is hosting the American Coach Association’s (ACA) 3rd Annual Western Regional Rally Jan. 30 through Feb. 3. According to a press release, the four western chapters of the ACA – Southern California, Southwest, Northern California and Northwest  – have organized the event and are welcoming ACA members from all over the country. LVM Resort has accommodated the ACA western chapters with a generous amount of sites. The five-day rally will consists of cocktail hours,... Read more

Survey: RVers Shunning ‘Yellow Pages’

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RV retailers and other businesses in the recreation vehicle industry that still advertise in their local telephone directory may want to reconsider doing so. According to a survey earlier this month conducted by, more than 80% of the 1,100 RVers who responded reported they use a yellow pages type telephone directory much less than 10 years ago. Forty percent reported they never use such a directory any more. A mere 11% said they use the directories as much or more than 10 years ago. One... Read more

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