Ariz. County Looking At Non-Park RVs

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People have complained about short-term visitors to Pinal County, Ariz., staying in RVs on private property, and a series of meetings are a sign changes to RV rules could soon be in place, according to the Casa Grande Dispatch.

Pinal County Planning Director Jerry Stabley told the county supervisors that between 2012 and 2013, the county received 71 code compliance calls related to guests staying in RVs.

“There’s been some abuse of our friendly enforcement,” he said. “People have had multiple RVs staying on one lot, and have had some very, very long stays.”

Last August, the board asked the planning department to conduct community meetings to gauge the level of concern about the issue. Seven meetings took place and several more are scheduled for the next few weeks.

Stabley said most of the people who attended the meetings were “RVers,” and many of them were Canadian.

When speaking to those who live in the neighborhoods affected, the residents said they were very concerned about RVs being parked in suburban-style lots, especially in San Tan Valley. The majority of the lots are between 5,000 and 10,000 square feet.

Residents said hookups should be allowed, but added visitors shouldn’t be allowed to stay more than six months and shouldn’t operate a business out of the RV.

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