Campground Benefits From Cold Weather

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The annual collection of chunks of ice from a New Hampshire lake was able to start nearly a month earlier than previous years thanks to the recent cold snap, according to the UK Daily Mail.

Crews armed with saws and picks collected the blocks on Thursday for a Holderness campsite, which uses the ice as a natural freezer.

Last year the workers couldn’t begin sawing the 16-by-19-inch blocks, each weighing about 160 pounds, until Feb. 6 because of warm and wet conditions.

The harvest, which has taken place for more than a century, can’t begin until ice on Squam Lake in Squaw Cove is 12 inches thick.

At that point, a team of workers descend on the lake to collect up to 200 tons of ice that will be stored in specially insulated houses that will preserve them until summer.

Campers at Rockywold-Deephaven Camps will be able to use the blocks to help chill their ice boxes and keep supplies cool during their vacations later this year.

For the full story, plus photos of the process, click here.


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