Flooding Prompts New Control Efforts

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Flood protection efforts in Black Diamond, Alberta, could begin to take shape in just a few weeks after a flood severely damaged the town’s campground in 2013, the Okotoks Western Wheel reported.

Calgary engineering firm Urban Systems submitted two proposals to the province to fund projects expected to protect Black Diamond from future flood damage and is awaiting approval before moving ahead.

The Town of Black Diamond hired Urban Systems and MPE Engineering to protect the community from future flooding after a portion of the town was damaged in the 2013 flood, which washed away much of a campground last year.

The goal is to have the projects completed before May.

The projects include the construction of a dike along the east side of the Sheep River upstream of the Highway 22 bridge to prevent flooding into town after a large portion of Black Diamond’s campground was washed away and flooded last year.

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