NZ Campground Operator Fights Order

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New Zealand campground owner Marius Rothmann is asking for a “fair process” as he fights to keep cabins on land sought for a National Ocean Water Sports Centre in Takapuna, the North Shore Times reported.

Takapuna Beach Holiday Park won’t survive without the five popular cabins, Rothmann said.

Resource consent, granted by the Environment Court in 2004, requires the cabins and council-owned manager’s house to be removed by February 14, according to the Auckland Council.

A council spokesperson said if an application is lodged before that date it’s unlikely they would have to go. But the council said the cabins and house couldn’t be used while the application is processed.

The campground’s long-term future on the council-owned land is already uncertain. It runs on a month-by-month lease as debate about the yachting centre continues.

“What we want is consent for the cabins linked to the duration of the lease,” Rothmann said.

“I hope it’s a fair process and I hope the people involved listen to what the public wants.”

Last week “no vacancy” signs went up as the campground enjoys a bumper season, he said.

Earlier this month Rothmann sought a time extension on the resource consent on the advice of the council and is annoyed he’s now been told the Resource Management Act doesn’t allow for the extension.

Rothmann said it’s also unusual that he would be required to remove the manager’s house when it’s owned by the council.

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