Arizona RV Park Tries To Prevent Falls

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An RV park in Arizona is trying to help older guests learn about falls in an attempt to help lower the number of calls the fire department gets to Casita Verde RV Resort, the Casa Grande Dispatch reported.

Park Manager Kathy Wallick invited specially trained local fire official Andrew Hensley to talk to park residents in January, and more than 100 people came to listen, a high number, Wallick said.

“Every year, we have a few falls,” she said. “We had one resident fall in her home just the other day.”

She said at the RV resort, “We take safety very seriously.”

During his presentation, Hensley led the group in stretches and exercises and gave step-by-step instructions about how they could prevent falls.

Some of the tips are common sense — like keeping the home well-lit and clear of clutter and taking time rising and lowering oneself into a chair or bed, he said.

“Our bodies do get older and we need to realize that. Sometimes we need to let our hearts and minds catch up with our bodies,” Hensley said.

Remembering When offers eight suggestions for preventing falls among older people.

“I also talk about the cost of preventing a fall — putting in a light bulb as opposed to paying medical bills for an arm fracture,” Hensley said. “I hear a lot of people say they fell because they didn’t see the snag in the rug, so it’s important to be aware and clear the way so that falls don’t happen.”

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