Burglars Strike At Ohio Campground

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Police in Ashtabula, Ohio, reported that burglars struck at a campground, breaking into dozens of RVs over the weekend.

The incidents occurred at Ashtabula Recreational Unlimited late Sunday night (Feb.9) or early Monday (Feb. 10), according to an Ashtabula Police Department report.

According to the Star Beacon, Police were called to the scene at 4:30 a.m. Monday, where 25 to 30 campers were reportedly burglarized or vandalized, the police report shows.

“They cut the fence, pried doors open, busted windows open and tore up things,” said Dan Hotaling, who owns a camper at the park. “They pretty much trashed it, taking electronics and tools.”

Items taken from all of the campers included six TVs, a DVD player, about 20 DVDs, a Duck Dynasty blanket, a flare gun, an air pressure gauge, a spool of wire, a welding torch, a blue metal box, electric cordless tools, 11 grinding wheels, two bit sets, a RV water filter, boxes of nails and screws, a tool set, a tackle box and fishing gear, a small crossbow, bolt cutters, a pair of walkie-talkies, a hacksaw, six cast iron skillets, a blue nylon rope, a boat radio, three knives, an underwater camera, and a rain jacket with bag, according to the police report.

“They must have been here several hours to do this much damage,” Hotaling said. “Everybody is upset about this.”

More than a dozen camper owners showed up at the campgrounds Tuesday to talk to police about the burglaries.

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