Community May Limit RV Park Stays

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Leaders in a Wisconsin community are trying to figure out what rules apply to a long-term campground, with confusion over state and county rules and a 17-year-old special exemption for the campground.

Joseph Bartol is an attorney representing Christmas Mountain Village resort and the Christmas Mountain Permanent RV Campground Association. The resort is in the eastern part of the town of Dellona, Wis., reported.

Bartol and the Dellona Town Board and the town’s plan commission discussed what regulations should be in force there. Bartol said the resort and association are willing to address concerns over adequate access of emergency response vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks. He said the resort and association value the protection of people’s lives and property.

He said the resort and association are proposing to limit the length of stay at the campgrounds to a cumulative eight months in a year.

Rules for the site would be that 10 feet needs to be between the units and camp site border, the boundaries of the campsite are to be strict and each camping unit including garages and sheds should have a zoning permit, Bartol said. He is also seeking clarification on how the units are defined as camping units under the zoning ordinance.

Dellona Town Board Chairman Paul Bremer said state statutes capped the size of the units at 400 square feet. He said he was concerned about access of emergency vehicles to the site, including that parking rules be enforced so that emergency vehicles could have access. He was also concerned about the width of the roads to allow access. Bremer said he believed they should be 22 feet wide, but Bartol said he thought 20 feet wide was OK. The two are going to seek clarification from the fire chief.

The length of stay at the camping units was debated because Bartol said the new Sauk County Zoning Ordinance allowed eight months, which is why the association was proposing an eight-month maximum stay also.

Board members believed a state statute allowed only four months. The board is waiting for clarification on which length of time would be enforced for the camping site.

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