County Leaders Consider Rule Change

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Sussex County, Del., is home to several private campgrounds, and within these resort areas, it’s common to find hundreds of people in RVs. During the rest of the year, when the people are gone, these RVs stay put.

Sussex County Council members told television station WBOC this is a problem that needs to be addressed. As campgrounds become bigger and full of more permanent structures, the council said the regulations need to be changed as well.

The consideration of two new campgrounds has reignited this debate over whether the rule book should be changed to address the changing format of Sussex campgrounds. The campgrounds awaiting approval are in Long Neck and near Love Creek/Angola.

County Councilman George Cole said they need to redefine what is a campground, and what is not.

“The campground ordinance is probably 30 to 40 years old,” he said. “It hasn’t changed much. But the industry has changed. And when you go look at campgrounds these days… most people think there’s going to be tents or small RVs.”

But he said that isn’t the case anymore. These campgrounds have grown to include much larger trucks. He said many of these residents are underpaying when it comes to county taxes. Some of these plots of lands are classified as agricultural uses, when he said they are obviously seasonal homes for many.

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