County Struggles With Campgrounds

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The county council in Yellowhead County, Alberta, faces a campground dilemma — and it isn’t a new one, the Edson Leader reported.

The county operates seven campgrounds through contract caretakers with one contract dealing with Bear Lake, Shiningbank Lake, Long Lake, Jerry Vanderwell Park and Riverside and one contract dealing with Nojack and Beta Lake. The problem is, the county is not making any money off of these campsites and the campsites, for the most part are too small.

“We’ve struggled with this for many years,”said county chief administrative officer Jack Ramme.

Thirty-five stalls would make a campsite viable both for the county and for a private operator but the county doesn’t have any sites that match this requirement.

“Somehow we got into the campground business and I don’t know why,” Ramme said.

Some of the campsites in the county are hampered by size, Beta Lake for example, only has seven sites, which would not make it profitable for a private operator unless the operator has one or more other campgrounds.

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