Dinosaurs Arrive Next To La. RV Resort

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Six life-size dinosaurs have arrived in Henderson, La., next to an RV park, according to the Lafayette Advertiser.

They are new residents of Prehistoric Park, which developer Lee Venable is building inside a 14-acre forest next to his RV resort, Cajun Palms.

Venable stands about 6 feet tall, and the baby T-Rex he unwrapped Thursday towered over him. Soon, 24 more dinosaurs — five with moving robotic heads and arms — will join him. They are awaiting clearance from customs in the Port of Los Angeles.

Venable said he hopes the dinosaurs will soon be settled into their new home, and he plans to open the park to the public in the spring.

As visitors follow the winding path into Prehistoric Park, they will see a nest full of baby raptors breaking out of their eggs. Around another corner, there will be an apatosaurus taller than a three-story housejutting his head above a thicket of trees.

“I want this park to be fun but also educational; my goal is to gather an advisory board of paleontologists, science teachers, elementary school principals and get their help in writing guided tours of the park,” Venable explained.

A world-renowned paleontologist is already planning his first trip. .

“I can come over and show the kids who come to the park a replica of a female T-Rex skull that we have in the museum — I can borrow it and bring it with me,” said Gary Stringer, who teaches a “dinosaur days” class at the University of Louisiana-Monroe that is a requirement for elementary education majors at the school.

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