Dying Trees Close Idaho Campground

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A large number of diseased, dead and dying trees are forcing the closure of Bumblebee Campground on the Coeur d’Alene River Ranger District for the 2014 season while crews work to remove trees and improve public safety at the site, the Shoshone News Press reported.

Work will focus on removing any trees that show signs of stress or declining health in an effort to improve campground safety. Due to the widespread occurrence of diseased and damaged trees in and around the campground a majority of the over-story is expected to be removed.

“It’s a very difficult decision to close such a popular campground,” said Couer d’Alene River District Ranger Chad Hudson. “But, with so many dangerous trees in the area we cannot allow the public to camp there until all of the hazards have been removed.”

Contract crews will begin removing hazard trees in the Bumblebee Campground in late spring 2014 and expect the work to last throughout the summer.

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