Jellystone Operators Prep For Summer

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Yogi and Dean Crawford, LSI executive vice president, on a bench at the 2013 LSI Symposium.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort managers and staff are preparing for the 2014 travel season by attending a series of specialized training sessions covering everything from recreation programs to social networking, energy recycling and retail store operations, according to a press release.

Milford, Ohio-based Leisure Systems Inc. (LSI), which oversees the franchise, is providing training sessions in conjunction with its two spring meetings, scheduled for Feb. 25 in Covington, Ky. and March 4 at the North Texas Jellystone Park in Burleson, Texas.

The spring meetings will include seminars on social networking, metrics programs, and the options available to reduce electricity consumption and recycle electricity. The energy seminars will also provide overviews of wind and solar power-generating systems, an analysis of potential energy savings, and the options available to campground operators.

In addition to the spring meetings, LSI is also offering franchisees its annual Certified Pool Operators (CPO) Course, CARE program and new leadership course from Feb. 26 – 27 at the Embassy Suites in Covington.

The pool training will include in-depth instruction on filtration, water testing and treatment, disinfection, design considerations, risk management, facility troubleshooting and management as well as hot tub and spa operations. The course will be taught by Mike Howard, vice president and general manager at Coney Island Amusement Park in Cincinnati.

The leadership training program will include a course on interviewing, selecting and orienting new employees by Annis Howard Davis, a specialist in improving workplace performance and productivity.

LSI’s CARE program is a specialized recreational and entertainment training program for owners and employees of Jellystone Parks that includes sessions on recreation resources; how to staff recreation programs; and how to create rainy day programs.

Jellystone Park owners and operators from across the country also recently gathered in Covington, Ky. for four days’ worth of management training.

“It covered the whole gamut of operations,” said Kelly Jones, LSI’s director of franchisee development.

LSI’s Certification and Management Program (C.A.M.P.) training is offered every January for both new and existing franchise operations as well as companies that have recently acquired Jellystone Park locations, the latest being Grandville, Mich.-based Northgate Holdings LLC and Southfield, Mich.-based Sun Communities. This year it took place Jan. 20-23.

LSI requires its franchisees to complete C.A.M.P. training sessions, including anyone hired as a new manager of a Jellystone Park. “We also open it up to people that parks have in a management track for extra training,” Jones said. of the training.

Topics of included franchisor-franchisee relationships and support; park inspections; proper use of Yogi Bear art in signage, brochures, websites and other promotional materials; costume care and usage; creative local marketing; human resources; harassment training; customer service; business planning; and camp store operations.

The C.A.M.P. training sessions are provided by senior LSI staff members, including Andy and Jane Eaton, directors of franchise operations; Sheila Isaac, vice president of retail operations; Dean Crawford, executive vice president; Michele Wisher, director of marketing; and Jones.

All training is free for Jellystone Park franchisees, except the CPO course, which charges $150 to cover materials.


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