Mo. Campers Object To Fee Increases

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Several RV camping enthusiasts spoke at the Jan. 30 Mozingo (Mo.) Advisory Board meeting, discussing their concerns with the recent camping rate increases at the park, the Nodaway News Leader reported.

They noted the drastic increase of fees, up nearly $10 to $25 per night. With that concern came a series of questions for the board and Assistant City Manager Ryan Heiland, such as if campers were going to see any additional amenities, what drove the increase nearly $10 and any possible discounts for campers who are frequent campers at Mozingo. They warned they will not be able to camp at Mozingo nearly as often due to the higher cost.

They also suggested ways the Mozingo RV campsites could be user-friendly.The ideas included enlarging the pad sites as camping equipment continues to grow in size, make the north sites concrete instead of the current gravel, limit the number of reserve sites and increased communication between the camp hosts and city staff or the Mozingo Advisory Board.

Former camp hosts Mike and Shelley Combs spoke up and said that while they enjoyed their time as camp hosts, they were concerned that the RV campers’ needs were not being met.

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