Mont. County Approves New RV Park

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The Eagle RV park was approved by Richland County, Mont., commissioners at a meeting held Tuesday morning (Feb. 18), the Sidney Herald reported.

The park is 6.71 acres, and is located about five miles south of Sidney.

Eagle RV park owners Patte and Robert Garner attended the meeting.

Neighbors Joe Topp and Denise Sandau spoke in opposition to the RV park. They expressed environmental and agricultural concerns. Topp said he has livestock and has seen children near the RV park.

“The environmental concerns I have is, I’ve witnessed dumping of campers into my pasture and also, not having their storm drain done causes that whole trailer park to drain off into my pasture,” Topp said. “Also, when they removed their septic system, they just spread that out throughout the campground.”

Patte Garner denied children being in the pasture and said that as of last May, a drain field was put in place, and as of November 2012, a septic tank was put in.

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