Pa. Twp., RV Park Struggles Continue

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Lake Adventure residents packed the Dingman Township, Pa., hall Feb. 18 to protest zoning changes they say amount to retaliation against the RV community’s 2012 court victory, according to the Pike County Courier.

That night’s meeting of the township board of directors was hot and contentious, with two sheriff’s deputies standing guard against trouble.

The proposed update of the township’s 2008 Campground and RV Park Ordinance is more restrictive than its original version.

The Lake Adventure property owners’ longtime attorney, Tammy Lee Clause, said the township was getting back at the community for winning the right to place one-piece, 12-foot-wide recreational vehicles on lots.

The township had fought Lake Adventure on this, saying it was trying to convert a campground into a second-home community that would demand much more in services. Judge Joseph F. Kameen ruled with Lake Adventure, saying the township’s restrictions violated the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Clause says she has more than 500 affidavits from Lake Adventure members who could not be at the meeting because they are at their permanent residences for the winter. Clause said Lake Adventure has 1,500 lot owners and more than 1,700 lots.

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