Park Owner Wants RV Rules Enforced

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Melvin Chaloupka bought his property just south of Cuero, Texas, along the Guadalupe River in 2010, the Victoria Advocate reported.

Chaloupka, 57, had always envied winter Texans. With an RV park, he could be a part of their culture, getting to know people from all over the U.S. who flock to Texas for the winter months.

In 2010, Chaloupka began building an RV park on his property in River Haven Subdivision. He quickly realized the permitting process for the park was more difficult and expensive than he initially believed.

About two months after he opened his RV park, River Haven RV Resort, other landowners in River Haven Subdivision began building RV parks of their own. But Chaloupka said those landowners skipped out on the extensive permitting processes that he went through.

Chaloupka turned to DeWitt County to enforce its septic system and floodplain regulations, he said. That was two years ago, and nothing has changed, Chaloupka said.

“After two years, I think it’s time to do something,” Chaloupka said. “They’re continuing to kick the can down the road when they need to take care of this.”

Chaloupka said he will continue to fight to protect his business.

“I don’t care about the competition. Bring it on,” Chaloupka said. “But I want the competition on a level playing field.”

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