RV Park Gets Fresh Look With Google

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While strolling the Red Coconut RV Resort, co-owner Fran Myers occasionally swaps her sunglasses for Google Glass, the smart device that looks like spectacles, the News-Press of Fort Myers, Fla., reported.

They aren’t yet available on the mass market: Myers snapped up a pair for $1,500 after a Google-approved early adopter and business acquaintance invited her.

Glass is “a great opportunity to reach a wide audience and to promote the Red Coconut,” said Resort General Manager Lauri Albion. She recently donned Glass to take before-and-after images of a resort beach house renovation, and then to make a video from it.

Using Glass, “we’ve been posting to our Google Plus account, but also carrying it over to Facebook and Instagram. And we’re tweeting a little bit,” Albion said.

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