RV Park Has Weeklong Mardi Gras Party

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Winter Texans at River Ranch Resort in Rio Hondo were driving blind on Monday.

Blind golf cart driving was an event at the park’s weeklong Mardi Gras celebration, the Valley Morning Star reported.

It’s actually a two-person event: the driver is blindfolded with the partner in the passenger seat a navigator, guiding them through an obstacle course.

Other events for the residents’ celebration will include a Mardi Gras parade, a Poker Run, rubber duck races, scavenger hunts and a golf tournament.

The games are hosted by the park’s Red Hat club, with most of the money raised donated the Ronald McDonald House.

“Pretty much the whole park participates,” games coordinator Carolyn Babbit said. “We’ll have a hundred people out here doing different things at different times.

“It’s just a way for old people to act like kids again,” the Warsaw, Mo. native said. “We get out here and we just enjoy it.”

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