Snag Delays Campground Reservations

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It might be hard to picture right now, with snow still on the ground, but camping season isn’t that far away.

In fact, Alberta Parks was to begin taking online group camping registrations on Monday, before a technical issue thwarted those efforts, the Lethbridge Herald reported. Online reservations for individuals campsites begins next Tuesday (Feb. 18), while Alberta Parks hopes to have its website back up and running later this week to take group reservations.

“Even though it’s a little cold right now, we’re getting close to spring, and people are beginning to think about their holidays,” said Tim Chamberlin, spokesperson for Alberta Parks, who added reservations can be made 90 days in advance of your scheduled arrival date. “With the reservation system, it is a 90-days-out opportunity, so it does take people right to that May long weekend.”

At this point, no one has been able to book sites, as the site’s technical issue has also impacted the ability to book campsites by phone.

“Nobody has been able to register online, so it will be equal access,” said Chamberlin about the expected wave of registrations. He said as soon as the website is functional, people should act fast. “Typically, our first day of launch is very busy. People do book up the available sites very quickly, so it is a very popular system.”

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