Snowbirds Enjoy Military Campground

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Retirement is a wonderful time to slow down, pick up hobbies, enjoy relationships and focus on living life.

That’s exactly what Elaine and Phil Marasco have done, according to a press release from the U.S. Navy.

At the end of every fall, Elaine packs up the RV while Phil ensures every drop of water is out of the pipes in their Upstate New York home. These snow birds migrate straight here to their favorite winter home, Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay’s Eagle Hammock RV Park.

They arrive and once water, sewer and electricity are connected, they’re almost home.

Their winter hasn’t really started until Elaine can connect back with her friends. So they head over to Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

Elaine said she enjoys walking around the RV park for the first time each winter and renewing acquaintances.

Eagle Hammock RV park ranks highly with parks on other military bases. The concrete pads are nice and big.

The laundry room is clean and new, with free machines.

The community room is warm and inviting. The park staff plans social activities and residents have access to a lake and trails.

It’s amenities like these that got Phil and Elaine coming here the year it opened in 2008.

But it’s not why they think about Kings Bay all year long.

Elaine couldn’t explain enough the feeling she gets in helping helping military members through NMCRS.

“Being able to connect with them when they come in is so rewarding,” she said. “They are always show gratitude. They are so thankful. You always feel like that’s something.”

That something is the reason their time in Kingsbay makes their retirement not just relaxing but enriching.

Elaine said she cherishes the community and the feeling volunteering gives the couple. Phil is happy to use his military organizational skills at the golf course, but whats to do more. He wants to connect more excited volunteers with worthwhile needs on base.


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