Sun Plans Upgrades At Campground

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Sun Resorts, owner of Indian Creek Campground, has asked the Geneva-On-The-Lake, Ohio, Village Council to consider a discounted tap-in fee for improvements they will be making to the camp site, the Star Beacon of Ashtabula, Ohio, reported.

Sun Resorts is requesting a 40% discount on a tap into the main sewer line and 39 new sewer hookup connections. GOTL Village Administrator Jim Hockaday said the improvement will have a value between $400,000 and $500,000.

He said Sun Resorts will be eliminating 64 camp sites with dump tanks at the campground, and consolidating them into 39 sites with sewer lines.

“We would much rather have the sewered sites than dump tanks,” Hockaday said. “We will generally give a discount because of the size of the request. The council did a first reading on it and it would take two more readings to pass.”

He said the investment in the community is invaluable. “I want to make sure that Sun Resorts wants to make this investment because it can lead to more. I’m not too concerned about the 39 new sites; I’m looking forward to the next 100 sites that could follow.

“Any time you see, not just investment, but reinvestment, it’s great for the community,” Hockaday said. “The park looks the best it has ever been.”

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