Texas City Extends RV Park Moratorium

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As the oil boom explodes around neighboring cities and rent prices in San Angelo, Texas, begin to soar, the demand for mobile home and RV parks is on the rise. In order to combat the wild cropping up of man camps citywide, the city enacted a 90-day man camp moratorium in November of last year to allow time to hash out ordinances governing the construction of temporary living parks, San Angelo Live reported.

A.J. Fawver, interim director of development services, presented an update to the San Angelo city council on Tuesday (Feb. 4) on the progress made thus far on ordinances, and noted the need for the extension. “In order to have the final ordinances enacted by the end of the moratorium period, those would have had to be introduced by the beginning of the year,” Fawver said. “The committee has had some substantial progress … I would venture to say that we are probably 90% of the way complete for these ordinances.”

Fawver said that in the past, RV and mobile home parks were mostly used as holiday spots, but that growth over the past few years has seen an increase in demand for the locations as temporary living establishments. The city’s objective in implementing the moratorium, Fawver said, was to set up comprehensive regulations for controlled growth.

“We have some things in the ordinance that address those (mobile home and RV park standards), but not very completely, which is part of the reason for the moratorium,” she said. “So we’re kind of updating them and then we’re looking at potentially adding some new sections that would address putting existing parts and any new parts that would come in under the same set of guidelines, because that’s one of the problems right now … they were all authorized under different ordinances, and we have some that we can’t even find evidence of ever having been approved.”

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