Winter Texan Served Two Presidents

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Winter Texan Ross Giacomo has led a storied life, rising in his career with the U.S. Army to become a driver for the White House staffs of President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bush, the Monitor of McAllen, Texas, reported.

He also was a driver for Jim Brady, Reagan’s press secretary, who was shot in the assassination attempt on Reagan in 1981.

During the Reagan and Bush years, he flew on Air Force One numerous times and developed a good rapport with the two presidents. He shook hands with President Bill Clinton while accompanying Brady in one of many visits to the White House.

Giacomo, now 64, and his wife Sarah are Winter Texans from La Monte, Mo., and are finishing their second season at VIP La Feria RV Park.

His service at the White House began when he received a phone call in 1981 while stationed at Fort Hood.

Staff Sgt. Giacomo was being assigned to the White House Transportation Agency, which includes a corps of master drivers. The drivers are all U.S. Army sergeants. Their job is to provide motor vehicle transportation for the White House staff, official visitors of the First Family and other authorized personnel.

“I think what happened, it was like winning the lottery, is what it amounted to,” Giacomo said.

When Reagan left office, he sent Giacomo a letter thanking him for his duty and making his presidency easier.

“When I left and retired from the military in 1992, I got a personal letter from President Bush thanking me for my years of service,” Giacomo said.

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