B.C. Campground Residents Fight With City

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The judge overseeing the legal battle between the City of Courtenay, British Columbia, and the owners of Maple Pool Campsite has approved an application to allow two campsite residents to be added as defendants to the action.

“It’s a clear win for us on our application to add,” said Lee Mayzes, a lawyer representing Greg Wesson and Ross Osmond.

The Comax Valley Record reported that Wesson and about 50 other tenants, some of whom were homeless before arriving at Maple Pool, face a possible eviction because the city is attempting to shut down the campsite on Headquarters Road.

The city initiated legal action in 2011 against campground owners Dali and Jin Lin, who rent out RVs at affordable prices.

At issue is zoning, which prohibits the Lins from housing people on the property, which sits in a floodplain. The site flooded in 2009 and 2010.

Advocates expect most of the 50-some tenants would become homeless if evicted.

In a judgment last week in Vancouver, Supreme Court of British Columbia Justice Robin Baird notes the City’s motivation for seeking orders to cease using mobile homes as living spaces is to keep tenants safe from dangers of living within the 200-year floodplain of the Tsolum River.

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