Bill Targeting Campground Etiquette

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In a letter to the Rolla (Mo.) Daily News, the local state senator, Dan Brown, explained a bill he introduced that would add Missouri regulations to private campgrounds but also help those campgrounds get rid of rowdy guests.

Brown wrote, “Due to concerns of campground owners who contacted the president of the Missouri Campground Owners Association, who resides in Pulaski County, I decided to introduce SB 735, which was passed in the Senate and advanced to the House this week. The need for this legislation came to light after campground owners complained of rowdy campers disturbing others, and the difficulty in expelling guests who refused to leave after being asked.

“This bill would require campground owners to inform their guests and visitors of their policies concerning alcohol and/or tobacco use, curfew, excessive noise, and regulation of their pets while on campground property. The bill also defines the conditions under which a person may be asked to leave the campground after violating these policies. Refusal to leave the campground would result in a charge of trespassing in the first degree.”

Brown also wrote, “I feel that campgrounds should be a place for people to relax, unwind and get away from the stress of everyday life, and this bill would help protect the sanctity of these areas as well as the consideration of fellow campers.”

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