Campground Owner Hopes To Restore Race

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For many years the Montgomery County (Ind.) Canoe race was one of the top canoe and kayak races in the United States, attracting world class athletes, but recently the number of race participants has decreased. This year’s race organizers Julie Yager and Bob Stwalley are hoping to reverse that trend and attract more interest for the annual event, the Crawfordsville Journal-Review reported.

Yager owns the Sugar Creek Campground and Canoe Rental which is the sponsor for the event. Yager and Stwalley are hoping participation will increase by moving the date of the race to May 17.

Races were in April until last year. The organizers are hoping the appeal of better temperatures will entice more athletes.

“We wanted to schedule the race when the weather and water temperatures were warmer,” Yager said. “We hope we can get more people out to participate but also we want to just get people to come out and watch this neat event.”

Stwalley, who is an avid Montgomery County outdoors man, remembers what the race used to be.

“We would have people lining the bridges to watch the races,” he recalled. “We attracted the top canoe athletes in the world and even Olympic medalists. ”

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