City Leasing, Upgrading Okla. Campground

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In years past, Salt Creek closed from October to April. But now that the city of Mannford, Okla., is operating the campground and recreational area, it will be open all year, television station KOTV reported.

Mayor Tyler Buttram said the city plans to make some updates to the campground. The electrical pedestals will go from 30 to 50 amp and the amount of water hook ups will double, so every campsite will eventually have its own.

“If it’s anything like our New Mannford Ramp Park, which we took over 12 years ago, it should stay booked most of the year,” Buttram said.

As a part of the lease, Buttram said any money generated from park fees must go back into the park for maintenance and whatnot. But he said the upgrades will bring in more campers, which in turn, will boost traffic and sales tax revenue in the city.

Right now about 14,000 vehicles drive through Mannford every day. In the summertime, that number is upward of 20,000, and with the city’s new lease it hopes that number only increase.

“The important part is what the businesses will generate off of this, it’s a give back to them and the more they prosper, the more the city will prosper,” Buttram said.

The city will be leasing Salt Creek for the next 25 years. There are 140 campsites.

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