County Taking RV Parks To Court

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Richland County, Mont., is cracking down on RV parks, with one county official claiming that up to 95% of the parks in the county don’t fully comply with all regulations, the Sidney Herald reported.

The county started taking some RV parks to court to try to spur compliance.

Tara DePuy and Susan B. Swimley, special deputy county attorneys, have been contracted to represent the state when taking noncompliant RV parks to court.

“Bottom line is we give them a time period. We’re willing to work as hard as we can as long as the people work with us within the bounds of the law,” Terry Murphy, compliance officer, told the Herald.

“The main reason we’re doing this is for public health and safety,” DePuy said.

In noncompliant RV parks, issues that come up include storm drainage, sanitation, water and sewage being dumped on the ground, according to officials.

“It’s not safe for the public, and it’s not safe for the people living in these RV parks,” DePuy said.

Murphy noted there are also children who live in noncompliant RV parks.

“Gray water out of your sink actually carries more pathogens than out of your toilet,” Murphy said.

There are currently two filed cases against RV parks in Richland County Justice Court.

RV Parks out of compliance not only violate health and safety regulations, but also risk losing money. Between $1-$500 can be fined per unit, per day, per violation. One of the cases has just under 500 counts of violations. “That’s a lot of money,” Murphy said.

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