Mayor: Rethink Campground Closure, Lease

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Nelson, New Zealand, Mayor Rachel Reese has stepped in and told the city council to spend more time on preparing its proposal to close the Brook Valley Holiday Park, the Nelson Mail reported.

She also said that leasing the camp to someone else may be “eminently sensible” and that the loss used as the reason to propose closing the camp is a “book loss” that council members now understand better.

The council argued the closure is needed because the camp is losing $175,000 a year that must be covered by taxpayers.

This is in spite of the previous leaseholder, Tahuna Beach Camp providing figures to the Nelson Mail showing it made a small annual profit on the Brook camp.

She said leasing the camp to someone else was possible, but she didn’t want to pre-empt the committee’s thinking.

The “council should not be in the business of running a campground from Civic House. We don’t do it well. We need a better outcome for the future of that camp,” she said.

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