Minnesota Campground Owner Preps For Thaw

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One Lake Pepin, Minn., campground owner reflected Wednesday (March 27) on how this winter has shaped up compared to the past and what he has learned from having a business right on the Mississippi, television station KXLT reported.

Just one month ago engineers were drilling through nearly two feet of ice. Now, that water is rising to the surface and greeting the spring sun.

Dick Koch owns Camp Lacupolis campgrounds, where people from around the world come to admire the great Mississippi River.

“A massive amount of people will be coming to the river and looking at it and it just seem like it invigorates everybody, like spring is here you know,” said Koch.

The swarms of people are setting Koch up for the mad dash to get ready for camping season.

“We’re getting ready to install a new dishwasher in one of the units,” he said. “We don’t want the people to have to spend all their good time here washing dishes.”

However, the signs of a long, tough winter can be found in the ice and over the years Koch has learned plenty from owning a business so close to the river’s edge.

“I mean if you look at how wide it is and big it is, it would seem impossible, but it will come up a foot a day.”

Rising waters mean even more work for Koch.

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