New Ga. Park Considers Growing Campsites

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Not yet open a year, the Georgia-operated Don Carter State Park in North Hall County is planning to expand its recreational offerings and accommodations, the Gainesville Times reported.

The plan, stretching over the next five-plus years, involves new trails, campsites and possibly cottages filling the 1,316-acre park at the end of North Browning Bridge Road and overlooking the Chattahoochee River arm of Lake Lanier.

A kayak trail along the banks of the river could be finished next summer, followed by the development of campsites reachable only by kayak.

Also planned is a “tent-friendly campground” near the RV campground.

That’s been a frequent outcry by people blogging about the park.

“We listen to what people say,” Wagner said. “We check online forums, TripAdvisor (travel website) and have our online comment card system. We accumulate all that to see what people want and what visitors are asking for.”

The state “had plans to build (the campground) but didn’t have money to build it from the get-go,” he added.

Still, the 25-site campground could be in the works for several years before it’s developed.

“We’re researching the possibilities,” Wagner said.

The park also plans to study its numbers on overnight accommodations.

“The question is what’s more popular, camping or cottages?” Wagner said. “We’ll research that after a year or two of the park being open and check our occupancy numbers.”

In the mix is the possibility of more lakefront cottages — up to eight of them near the ones in place now and in an area already with a road and utilities.

“We want to prove the popularity of the current cottages,” before building more, Wagner said.

“They are pretty popular so far,” he added. “We’re still looking for other opportunities (to fill them). Our slowest months are January and February, so we’re trying to reach out to all the college athletes that use the Lake Lanier rowing venue to stay here for their accommodations.”

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