NZ City May Shutter Campground

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A community in New Zealand has stopped taking camping reservations at a municipal campground as the city council considers shutting down the campground, NZ Newswire reported.

Residents at Brook Valley Holiday Park in Nelson may be forced to move, with the council considering a proposal to close the camp.

The Nelson City Council is looking at the future of the holiday park, saying it operates at a loss which costs taxpayers about $175,000 annually.

Councillor Pete Rainey said semi-permanent residents haven’t yet been asked to move, but have been told they will have to if the closure goes through.

The park would close by the end of the year.

There are 50 camping spots at the park, Rainey told NZ Newswire.

“There is plenty of time for semi-permanent residents and indeed all residents of Nelson to share their views with Council – and we’re keen to hear what people think about the idea,” he said.

The park is suspending all casual camping bookings until its future has been decided.

The Nelson City Council operates two other campgrounds.

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