RV Park’s Newest View? Facebook

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Facebook’s massive data center project north of the interstate in Altoona, Iowa, has dramatically changed the view from Griff’s Valley View RV Park, the Des Moines Register reported.

For 40 years, when he looked south toward Altoona, Ted Griffieon, who operates the RV park and farms about 300 acres in rural Polk County, saw only clear land, a small pond and traffic zooming by on Interstate Highway 80.

“We’ve enjoyed this, kind of being on the edge of stuff, yet out in the country. You’re a mile from restaurants and everything, but now, things are starting to change,” said Griffieon, 63.

State and city officials reached a deal last year to bring the Menlo Park, Calif.-based social networking giant’s newest data warehouse to Altoona.

“I don’t have any fears. Just that the closer the buildings get (the more they) block your view of what you’ve been used to seeing over the last 40 years,” Griffieon said. “Progress is progress.”

Griffieon, who charges $420 a month for RVs to stay at his park, has seen his business thrive, but of the 36 vehicles set up at Griff’s in February, only a handful were owned by people working at the Facebook site, he said.

“From electricians, to concrete men, general laborers that travel with the job. It was close, and they wanted in, but we just didn’t have room for them. I’m not sure where they went,” said Griffieon, who opened up his land to RVs in 1999. In warm months, the park can host 142 RVs.

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