Two From Pa. Campground Seeking License

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Stacy Wallis, community manger of PA Dutch Country RV Camping — a Thousand Trails campground in Manheim, Pa. —  successfully completed the Real Estate Campground Membership training course along with Frank Pullano, also of the Equity LifeStyle (ELS) Property campground (ELS is parent company of Thousand Trails), according to a written announcement from the campground..

The course is a prerequisite of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania prior to obtaining a state license. The license is required to market the ELS membership camping pass. The course makes them familiar with the basic theory of campground memberships, its marketing and enrollment procedures.

The course and license are administered by the Real Estate Commission of Pennsylvania and stress’ the responsibilities of the individual to the public and to the company’s free camping members. Members are allowed to use all the facilities of all the campgrounds within one of five zones in the U.S. as chosen by the member. These campgrounds offer members greatly reduced rates, as well as offering them 30 free days of camping per year.

Wallis and Pullano said they learned many useful lessons during the course, such as the basic theory of campground membership, its sales procedures and applying those principles to their membership and the public.



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