Winter Camping Wrapping Up In Iowa Town

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Outdoor enthusiasts and traveling tradesman have a new place to camp year-round at Scenic Park Campground in South Sioux City, Iowa, the Sioux City Journal reported.

For the first full year, the municipal campground hugging the Missouri River Scenic Park allowed campers to rent spots over the winter months. The service had been offered at a limited, if not experimental, basis in 2012.

Hardy campers were able to set up residence over the winter thanks to thermal lines, which keep water flowing to the sites from freezing in the pipes.

They range from traveling tradesmen working on local construction projects to local outdoor enthusiasts who don’t mind braving the winter weather, said Gene Maffit, South Sioux City Parks director.

Winter camping has been an interesting experience for the campers, as well as campground staff, he said.

Some campers weren’t expecting such cold weather: The 2013-14 winter season has been marked by long streaks of bone-chilling cold.

The biggest challenge for campground staff members was to keep the water lines from freezing in the cold.

“It’s a learning deal for both the campers that are here in the wintertime and us,” Maffit said.

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