Wyo. Campground Adding Coffee

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Chantry and Amy Filener plan to open a coffee shop at his parents’ campground in order to fill a void when the town of Lusk, Wyo, lost its coffee shop, the Lusk Herald reported.

The Fine Grind, LLC, will step in after the loss of Terri Stephans’ coffee shop in town. “We really enjoyed what Teri had and would like that same sense of community,” said Chantry Filener.

The new business will be located at the Prairie View Campground 3925 Highway 18-20, two miles west of Lusk. The campground is owned by Filener’s parents and they think a coffee shop will be a great addition to the campground.

”Because of the campground there are people there all the time. We have room for the tour buses and we enjoy people. We would like to pick up where Teri left off,” said Chantry. They were looking for something to keep the family working together in one location and this new enterprise seems to accomplish that.

The Fileners moved to Lusk from south of Portland, Ore., to be closer to family.

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