CalARVC Announces Reserve America Deal

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The California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) and Camp-California Marketing announced that they embarked on a new partnership with and Active Network. Reserve America is now offering CalARVC members the opportunity to sign up and be listed on their directory of campgrounds, no inventory required. As the #1 campground reservation site for state and federal campgrounds, Reserve America will help bring new visitors to California’s network of private parks. This... Read more

RV Parks Happy With Winter Texan Season

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The Rockport-Fulton (Texas) Chamber of Commerce recently conducted a survey of owners and managers of local RV parks and hotels, and the hospitality providers noted their satisfaction with the season, the Rockport Pilot reported. The survey aimed to determine the satisfaction level of the winter Texan season, an estimate of how many winter Texans were here as compared to other years, deciding factors on why they choose to come to Rockport and Fulton each year, the average daily expenditure per couple,... Read more

Wis. Campgrounds Expecting Better Season

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High water and flooding kept many of the LaCrosse, Wis., campgrounds closed or partially closed for some big holidays in the beginning of 2014 but this year, the campground managers have a feeling it’s going to be a completely different start to the camping season, television station WKBT reported. The 2014 camping season in the Coulee Region got off to a soggy start. “The whole park was under water,” said Zeb Allert, manager of Pettibone Campground. At Pettibone all 300 campsites were... Read more

New Owners Update Montana Campground

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Darrell and Jill Smith of Choteau, Mont., are breathing new life into the former Choteau Campground — reopening the “Choteau Mountain View Campground” on Friday (May 1) — for their first season of operation, the Choteau Acantha reported. The Smiths purchased the Choteau Campground from Shane and Gerri Boyle and took over ownership on Feb. 1. Since then, they have been busy cleaning, refreshing, renovating and repairing the facility that offers RV camping, camping cabins and tent sites on... Read more

N.M. Forest Lands Closed For The Next Year

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A chunk of the Carson National Forest in New Mexico, including the area surrounding the popular Canjilon Lakes, will be closed for at least the next year while officials decide how best to safely remove uncounted numbers of dead and dying trees, the Albuquerque Journal reported. “More than 70%, 80% of the mature spruce, fir and aspen have been dying because of insects, diseases and drought,” said Kathy DeLucas, spokeswoman for the U.S. Forest Service. The two popular fishing lakes are about 40... Read more

Ore. Campground To Open For 2nd Season

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For years, the playground equipment at Scotts Mills County Park could be described with a single word: underwhelming. The park along Butte Creek northeast of Salem had just a single slide and two swings, both of which were very old. “It was sorely lacking much of anything,” Russ Dilley, Marion County (Ore.) Parks coordinator, told the Statesman Journal. That all changed April 10 when the Marion County Parks Department installed a new state-of-the-art set of playground equipment. The new $45,000... Read more

Survey: Campers Want Quality Family Time

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According to a recent survey conducted by Aramark’s leisure division — an award winning food and hospitality partner for national and state parks —56% of the respondents camp with children under the age of 18. Families are camping mostly for recreation and are taking camping trips to spend quality time together as well as engaging their kids in outdoor activities. Being intimate with nature and enjoying outdoor recreation is a huge impetus to planned camping trips. In an announcement of the... Read more

NRVIA To Host Certified RV Inspector Classes

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Those individuals who are looking to develop the hands-on technical skills necessary to become a part- or full-time certified RV inspector or campground maintenance technician, or just learn how to maintain their RV, are encouraged to attend one of two upcoming five-day RV Maintenance Technician courses from the National RV Inspections Association (NRVIA). The courses will be held in May 2015 in the northwest United States. Course details and schedules can be found at The upcoming... Read more

TRC ‘Excited’ To Buy Ensign Power Pedestals

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Technology Research, LLC – A Southwire Company (TRC) has acquired Ensign Power Pedestals, a leader in the marine and RV power pedestal markets, the Clearwater, Fla. company announced Tuesday (April 28). According to a company release, for the past 35 years, TRC has built on a corporate mission to become the leading power distribution manufacturer for the recreational vehicle and marine industries. TRC’s Surge Guard product line has been the leading power protection device in the RV industry,... Read more

Family Enjoys 20 Years At KOA Campground

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According to a report by, for 20 years, Jerry Wiles worked at Peabody Coal in Illinois. When he prepared to retire, he and his wife Harriet wanted to do something a little different. “We’d camped for years and were interested in the industry,” Jerry says. “Our parents were campers — we all liked to camp. We’d meet at certain places throughout the year, be together and have a good time. When I got ready to break free and retire, we decided to take a run at it.” Jerry... Read more

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