Calif. RV Park Evacuates Guests To High Ground

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At Lindy’s Landing Campground and RV Park in Reedley, Calif., the Kings River crept up the shore and prompted mandatory evacuations, television station KFSN reported.

The Kings River was sitting four feet higher Monday night (Jan. 9) than the day before. It turned a boat dock into a muddy lake. And if it makes it up the incline, it’ll quickly flood the parking lot.

At Lindy’s Landing, families pay more for the river view.

Andrew Mullins is risking it all. “I thought we were far enough down the river,” he said. “And with the drought the way it was, we didn’t think it would come down this far and hit us.”

Like many others, he planned to weather this storm by buying tarps and fixing leaks. On Monday, the owner of the campgrounds ordered everyone to move to higher ground, But for Mullins, it wasn’t an option.

“I had some problems with the trailer structure,” he said. “So, I’m a little concerned about trying to move it, and I knew I couldn’t get the truck started and out in time.”

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