Northern Ind. Town Looks At Building An RV Park

January 11, 2017 by   - () Comments Off on Northern Ind. Town Looks At Building An RV Park

City leaders in Nappanee, Ind., hope a feasibility study will help them determine whether Nappanee has the necessary amenities for a proposed RV park, the Goshen News reported.

Nappanee Mayor Phil Jenkins told Board of Public Works members Monday (Jan. 9) that the park would primarily be used for a local recreational vehicle manufacturer’s customers who are in town for maintenance work. The mayor declined to provide the name of the company involved.

Whether or not that RV park would be a good idea for Nappanee is what the Board of Public Works has to determine. So, on Monday city officials approved a request for qualifications for preliminary planning.

Jenkins said an RV park was discussed and considered in the past, but never went as far as a feasibility study. There are a couple of places that might be feasible, Jenkins said, and “there might be others we haven’t thought of and we won’t know without the study.”

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