Campground Fireworks Lead To Restrictions

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On Tuesday night (Feb. 14), the Rochester (N.H.) city council voted to restrict fireworks displays, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported.

Getting to a vote about restricting fireworks has been months in the making, with residents speaking out at city council meetings and codes and ordinances committee meetings.

Jim Miliner, a neighbor of Grand View Campground, has been one of the most outspoken citizens, claiming the campground has fireworks on a regular basis to impress visitors. At the December codes and ordinances committee meeting where the subject was raised, Miliner told members someone set off fireworks at the campground in November.

Campground owner Robert Williams said Tuesday he was disheartened by Miliner’s “distasteful” statements. Williams said that starting in the 2015 season, he has voluntarily limited fireworks displays and banned campers from using fireworks while on the property. Williams said the campground has been closed since Columbus Day, so there is no way a fireworks display was lit on his property in November.

“I used to light them all the time at different times of the year years ago,” Williams said. “Then one year, I was sitting relaxing and people across the lake lit them up. And I could hear all the dogs in the campground barking. I decided I don’t want to be that person.”

Williams said they started a “Love Your Neighbor” program and even posted a sign asking campers with loud exhausts to take it easy. He said the new restriction will not affect his business, which has a variety of activities for families all summer long.

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