Fla. RV Park Seeks Compromise On Road Project

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An iconic RV park in Fort Myers Beach, Fla., is hoping to compromise with Lee County officials, who plan to take a 65-foot strip of the park as part of a road expansion project, the News-Press reported.

“We’d lose four sites, and some of the sites we have would go from being able to handle a 40-foot RV to maybe 27 and in some cases 25,” said Lauri Albion, general manager of Red Coconut RV Park. In fact, she noted, the park’s most popular beachside site would be dramatically downsized. “Since we allow our guests to make the reservations a year in advance, some of them are, unfortunately, going to be displaced.”

“It will have a huge impact on our business. People don’t drive small RVs anymore,” she said. Albion said the park has the option to pursue legal proceedings, but would rather compromise with the county, giving up some square footage but less than the county plans.

“We don’t want to take an extreme position. They are at this point taking an extreme position; we’d like a compromise position,” she said. “We’re willing to give up some if they’re willing to take less.”

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