Utah River Floodwaters Encroaching On RV Park

Campers along the Provo River in Utah’s Provo Canyon fear more damage from roaring water being released from Deer Creek Reservoir, television station KTVX reported.

The water rushes down a spillway from Deer Creek Reservoir Dam into the river. It’s being released to create more space in the reservoir for spring runoff but some of the water has ended up flooding a lot at the Deer Creek RV Park and damaging a storage shed.

Nancy Hansen owns an RV that’s parked just a short distance away.  “I was just totally shocked to see that much water there was up around their place,” Hansen said.

The assistant park manager said the owners of the lot were not there Wednesday (May 17) and couldn’t have done anything even if they had been. The fate of the property is in the hands of Mother Nature and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation which manages the reservoir.

“It’s been a nightmare,” Hansen said. “We’re camping here and we’re worried that the water’s going to come over and damage the decks or the campground. Had they planned a little better ahead of time and let more water out a little sooner we wouldn’t have had to have it all coming down.”

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