Reserve America Now Serves Private Operators

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ACTIVE Network announced that its Reserve America offering will now serve private campground operators.

Based on ACTIVE’s suite of online technologies and mobile apps for managing, marketing, and operating government-owned campgrounds, its private campground solution provides a feature-rich and easy-to-use reservations tool that enables campers from all over the world discover and directly access private campgrounds of all sizes, according to a press release.

ACTIVE’s campground management technology meets the increasingly sophisticated, operational, and administrative needs of both public and private campgrounds. In addition to using ACTIVE’s software to improve efficiency and operations for operators of private campgrounds, ACTIVE’s site also increases the discoverability of private campground listings, thereby attracting campers from all over the world.

Last year, received more than 17 million annual unique visitors — which equates to 42% of all campers in America — as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts throughout the world seeking to discover and book campground destinations. Campers can search for and book both public and private campground facilities while on-the-go using the ReserveAmerica Camping app, which currently lists nearly 290,000 campsites and provides a map-view display option for search results. In addition, ACTIVE’s suite of campground management technologies now provides private campgrounds with new tools for engaging the growing global audience of outdoor enthusiasts.

“Camping enthusiasts from all over the world want the convenience of researching, discovering, and booking campground reservations through online and mobile applications,” said Gary Evans, general manager for outdoors at ACTIVE Network. “Our software platform and services provide one of the most comprehensive and easy to use marketplaces, with pictures and details that help campers find a perfect getaway camping spot – whether it is a public or privately-owned and operated facility. Our expectation is that ACTIVE’s access to such a large and geographically diverse consumer audience will help private campground operators increase reservations.”


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