On Long Island Glamping Options Attract Campers

Sam Boorstyn, 20, prepares lunch with his mom, Linda Loewenthal, in their rented “glamping” cabin at Wildwood State Park.

Linda Loewenthal, of Brooklyn, N.Y., and her family thoroughly enjoyed their recent vacation on the campgrounds of Wildwood State Park in Wading River, N.Y.

But there was no pitching tents, making fires to cook meals or sleeping on the ground. Instead, for a week they rented one of the park’s new luxury cabins that came with all the comforts of home such as bedrooms, a fully stocked kitchen, a bathroom and a large, screened-in porch, according to Newsday.

“That would not be happening, that’s not appealing at all,” Loewenthal said of a traditional camping experience. “I don’t like the idea of sleeping on the ground and I can imagine what the food would be like having to cook over a fire.”

Her family is part of a growing number of people who want to spend time relaxing and being one with nature — but only if there’s no roughing it involved. What makes them happy campers is “glamping” — glamorous camping. It’s a fast-growing trend worldwide that has Long Island expanding its camping offerings.

And on Long Island “glamping” has really taken off during this year’s camping season. The new accommodations include stunning cottages at Wildwood State Park on Long Island Sound, and others expected to be completed by Labor Day weekend at Heckscher State Park on the Great South Bay. Luxury tents are expected to be available at Cedar Point County Park in East Hampton by next summer.

“Word has gotten out [about Wildwood] and reservations have skyrocketed,” said George Gorman, Long Island deputy regional director for the state parks department. He says those cabins are booked for the weekends through fall.

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