Colo. Council Baffled By Failure of Tourism Tax

For the second consecutive year, voters said no to boosting the lodging tax rate from 2% to 5% for those staying in short-term lodging facilities, such as motels, hotels and campgrounds.

The Canon City Daily Record reported that 52% percent of voters turned down the issue Tuesday (Nov. 6), the same percentage as those who said no in 2017.

Dennis Wied, a member of 2A’s Tourism Group to Increase Funding and former longtime Canon City (Colo.) council member, said he was disappointed by the voter response, but he said there are two possible explanations as to why voters turned down a tax that they won’t even have to pay.

“Either it just wasn’t understood what a lodging tax is and who pays it, or maybe people are more informed than I think and they simply don’t want tourism here,” he said. “Maybe they aren’t interested in growing the area, they live here and they don’t want things to change, they don’t want more people to come visit, they are happy paying taxes and they are happy with the way the economy is here, and the potential for additional revenue from outside sources isn’t attractive.”

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