Va. Residents Up In Arms Over New Park Rule

When the leaves start to change and there’s a chill in the air, many in the Roanoke, Va., Valley grab their camper and head for the hills. But a new proposal could change where and how they can do that in Alleghany County, according to WDBJ.

Shelly Mongold with the Alleghany County zoning board noted, “It would regulate an individual camping on their property in AR zones, where camping is allowed.”

Under the rule, if people live in a camper more than 30 days, they would be required to get a zoning permit, and conform to building codes. And if they have more than three campers on their property, they would be legally running a campground, responsible for installing sewer and water lines, among other things.

That has residents concerned. “Alleghany County is a recreation area,” said Chuck White, who live in the county and keeps four campers on one of his properties in the summer. “You have a lot of people with hunting camps and other things that are gonna fall under this.”

But officials say going after most residents was never their intent. Instead, it was about planning for the future, according to Alleghany County Board of Supervisors Chair Stephen Bennett.

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